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Thai football clubs and stadium details

Thai League (T1) and Thai League 2 (T2) are the top levels of the Thai football league systems. The third level is Thai League 3 (T4) which is divided into Region 1 and Region 2

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Biggest football rivalries in Thailand

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Thai stadium capacity bar chart

The bar chart below shows the Thai ground sizes. Hover over the bar to see the full name and capacity. If a ground doesn't appear it's because we haven't entered the value in our database yet.

RivalryTeamsDistance (Miles)
List of football clubs in THAILAND
Bangkok Glass
The Glass Rabbits
Leo StadiumThanyaburi, Pathum Thani16514Find Hotels
Bangkok United
Bangkok Angels
Thammasat StadiumRangsit, Pathum Thani25000Find Hotels
Buriram United
The Thunder Castles
Buriram StadiumBuriram32600Find Hotels
Chiangrai United
The Beetles
Singha StadiumBan Du, Chiang Rai11354Find Hotels
The Sharks
Chonburi StadiumChonburi Province8680Find Hotels
Muangthong United
Twin Qilins
Thunderdome StadiumMuang Thong Thani, Nonthaburi15000Find Hotels
Nakhon Ratchasima
The Swat Cats
80th Birthday StadiumMuang Thong Thani, Nonthaburi24641Find Hotels
Ta Han Nam
Sattahip Navy StadiumSattahip, Chonburi Province6000Find Hotels
Pattaya United
The Blue Dolphins
Nong Prue StadiumPattaya, Chonburi5500Find Hotels
Police Tero
The Fire Dragons
Boonyachinda StadiumLak Si, Bangkok3550Find Hotels
Port Lions, Singha-Jaw-Tha (The Port Lion King)
PAT Stadium Khlong Toei District, Bangkok12000Find Hotels
Ratchaburi Mitr Phol
The Dragons
Mitr Phol StadiumRatchaburi Province10000Find Hotels
The Dangerous Koupreys
Sri Nakhon Lamduan StadiumSisaket16000Find Hotels
The Fire Bat
Thung Thalay Luang StadiumSukhothai province9500Find Hotels
Super Power Samut Prakan
The Power
Samut Prakarn SAT StadiumBang Phli, Samut Prakan5100Find Hotels
The War Elephant
Suphan Buri Provincial StadiumSuphan Buri province25000Find Hotels
Thai Honda
Fire Eagle
72nd Anniversary Stadium Min Buri, Bangkok,10000Find Hotels
Ubon UMT United
The Eagles
UMT StadiumUbon Ratchathani6000Find Hotels


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****strCountry THAILANDstrv5 :{ "type": "FeatureCollection", "features": [ {"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [100.679028,14.000649] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Leo Stadium", "groundid": "5122", "teamid": "5249", "leagueid": "THAILAND", "leaguename": "Thailand", "team": "Bangkok Glass"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [ 100.598611,14.067778] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Thammasat Stadium", "groundid": "5123", "teamid": "5250", "leagueid": "THAILAND", "leaguename": "Thailand", "team": "Bangkok United"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [103.094555,14.965952] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Buriram Stadium", "groundid": "5124", "teamid": "5251", "leagueid": "THAILAND", "leaguename": "Thailand", "team": "Buriram United"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [99.874722,19.956944] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Singha Stadium", "groundid": "5125", "teamid": "5252", "leagueid": "THAILAND", "leaguename": "Thailand", "team": "Chiangrai United"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [100.956405,13.336368] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Chonburi Stadium", "groundid": "5126", "teamid": "5253", "leagueid": "THAILAND", "leaguename": "Thailand", "team": "Chonburi"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [100.547411,13.917989] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Thunderdome Stadium", "groundid": "5127", "teamid": "5254", "leagueid": "THAILAND", "leaguename": "Thailand", "team": "Muangthong United"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [102.048956,14.927096] },"properties" : {"stadium": "80th Birthday Stadium", "groundid": "5128", "teamid": "5255", "leagueid": "THAILAND", "leaguename": "Thailand", "team": "Nakhon Ratchasima"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [100.935877,12.663868] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Sattahip Navy Stadium", "groundid": "5129", "teamid": "5256", "leagueid": "THAILAND", "leaguename": "Thailand", "team": "Navy"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [100.937163,12.924339] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Nong Prue Stadium", "groundid": "5130", "teamid": "5257", "leagueid": "THAILAND", "leaguename": "Thailand", "team": "Pattaya United"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [100.577392,13.867163] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Boonyachinda Stadium", "groundid": "5131", "teamid": "5258", "leagueid": "THAILAND", "leaguename": "Thailand", "team": "Police Tero"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [100.559674,13.715106] },"properties" : {"stadium": "PAT Stadium", "groundid": "5132", "teamid": "5259", "leagueid": "THAILAND", "leaguename": "Thailand", "team": "Port"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [99.769588,13.521677] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Mitr Phol Stadium", "groundid": "5133", "teamid": "5260", "leagueid": "THAILAND", "leaguename": "Thailand", "team": "Ratchaburi Mitr Phol"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [104.340696,15.100519] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Sri Nakhon Lamduan Stadium", "groundid": "5134", "teamid": "5261", "leagueid": "THAILAND", "leaguename": "Thailand", "team": "Sisaket"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [99.793703,17.061773] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Thung Thalay Luang Stadium", "groundid": "5135", "teamid": "5262", "leagueid": "THAILAND", "leaguename": "Thailand", "team": "Sukhothai"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [100.794345,13.579414] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Samut Prakarn SAT Stadium", "groundid": "5136", "teamid": "5263", "leagueid": "THAILAND", "leaguename": "Thailand", "team": "Super Power Samut Prakan"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [100.086596,14.474082] },"properties" : {"stadium": "Suphan Buri Provincial Stadium", "groundid": "5137", "teamid": "5264", "leagueid": "THAILAND", "leaguename": "Thailand", "team": "Suphanburi"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [100.790833,13.801944] },"properties" : {"stadium": "72nd Anniversary Stadium ", "groundid": "5138", "teamid": "5265", "leagueid": "THAILAND", "leaguename": "Thailand", "team": "Thai Honda"}},{"type": "Feature","geometry": {"type": "Point","coordinates": [104.842982,15.263592] },"properties" : {"stadium": "UMT Stadium", "groundid": "5139", "teamid": "5266", "leagueid": "THAILAND", "leaguename": "Thailand", "team": "Ubon UMT United"}}]}