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Ryman Isthmian North football clubs and stadium details

Ryman Isthmian North stadium capacity bar chart

The bar chart below shows the Ryman Isthmian North ground sizes. Hover over the bar to see the full name and capacity. If a ground doesn't appear it's because we haven't entered the value in our database yet.

Ryman Isthmian North average away match journey distance bar chart

The bar chart below shows the average away match journey distance in miles for each Ryman Isthmian North team. Hover over the bar to see the exact number. The distance is measured as the crow flies to each of the other Ryman Isthmian North team's home grounds.

Ryman Isthmian North Ground Capacities and Distances to Away Games

TeamStadiumCapacityDistance to away gamesRound tripAvg Journey
AFC Hornchurch
Bridge Avenue3500714142829Hotels near Bridge Avenue
AFC Sudbury
Yellows, The Suds
King's Marsh880176036Hotels near King's Marsh
AveleyThe Mill Field4000757151431Hotels near The Mill Field
The Blues
Mayesbrook Park2500758151631Hotels near Mayesbrook Park
Bowers and PitseaLen Salmon Stadium2000741148230Hotels near Len Salmon Stadium
Brentwood TownBrentwood Centre Arena1000679135828Hotels near Brentwood Centre Arena
Bury Town
Ram Meadow35001044208843Hotels near Ram Meadow
Canvey Island
The Gulls, Islanders, Yellow army
Park Lane4500826165234Hotels near Park Lane
CheshuntTheobalds Lane3500760152031Hotels near Theobalds Lane
Dereham TownAldiss Park25001627325467Hotels near Aldiss Park
Grays Athletic
The blues
The New Recreation Ground4500782156432Hotels near The New Recreation Ground
Haringey Borough
The Borough
Coles Park1500821164234Hotels near Coles Park
Heybridge SwiftsScraley Road Stadium3000767153431Hotels near Scraley Road Stadium
London Colney
The Blueboys
Cotlandswick Playing Fields1000953190639Hotels near Cotlandswick Playing Fields
Maldon and TiptreeWallace Binder Stadium2000765153031Hotels near Wallace Binder Stadium
Mildenhall Town
The Hall
Recreation Way20001109221846Hotels near Recreation Way
Norwich United
The Planters
Plantation Park30001795359074Hotels near Plantation Park
Potters Bar TownParkfield Stadium2000851170235Hotels near Parkfield Stadium
The Boro
Mill Field750150031Hotels near Mill Field
Soham Town Rangers
Greens, Rangers, Town
Julius Martin Lane20001111222246Hotels near Julius Martin Lane
TilburyChadfields4000790158032Hotels near Chadfields
Waltham AbbeyCapershotts3500737147430Hotels near Capershotts
WareWodson Park3300789157832Hotels near Wodson Park
Witham TownSpa Road2500740148030Hotels near Spa Road
The Yachtsmen
Trafford Park20001830366076Hotels near Trafford Park

Distances shown are the miles the fans of the Ryman Isthmian North clubs would need to travel if they went to every away game, measured as the crow flies

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