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Premier League football clubs and stadium details

Premier League average away match journey distance bar chart

The bar chart below shows the average away match journey distance in miles for each Premier League team. Hover over the bar to see the exact number. The distance is measured as the crow flies to each of the other Premier League team's home grounds.

Premier League Ground Capacities and Distances to Away Games

List of football clubs in GUATEMALA
Antigua GFC
Coloniales (Colonials), Panzas Verdes
Estadio PensativoAntigua Guatemala9000Find Hotels
Cobán Imperial
Príncipes Azules (Blue Princes)
Estadio VerapazCobán15000Find Hotels
Los Cremas (The Creams) Albos (Whites)
Estadio Doroteo Guamuch FloresGuatelmala City26000Find Hotels
"Los de Pecho Amarillo" (Yellow Chest)
Estadio David Cordón HichosGuastatoya26000Find Hotels
Toros (The Bulls)
Estadio Santa LucíaMalacatán7000Find Hotels
Los Leones (The Lions)
Estadio Marquesa de la EnsenadaSan Marcos11000Find Hotels
MunicipalEstadio El TrébolGuatemala City7500Find Hotels
Los Canarios ("The Canaries")
Estadio Municipal de San Miguel PetapaSan Miguel Petapa7000Find Hotels
Máquina celeste (Sky blue machine)
Estadio Municipal de SanarateSanarete4500Find Hotels
Naranjeros (Orange growers)
Estadio Mateo Sicay PazSiquinalá, Escuintla3000Find Hotels
Venados (Deer)
Estadio Carlos Salazar HijoMazatenango10000Find Hotels
Los Superchivos (The Super Goats)
Estadio Mario CamposecoQuetzaltenango11220Find Hotels

Distances shown are the miles the fans of the Premier League clubs would need to travel if they went to every away game, measured as the crow flies


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